[ATLANTA] Adore Life Clothing Line Contest

by - Friday, July 29, 2011

About Adore Life: Some years ago, something clicked in my head that I needed to pursue my love for designing clothes and stop wasting time. It was after watching an E! TV episode of Jennifer Anniston's Vera Wang wedding dress that cost over $50,000 that made me think to myself, "there's nothing special about that dress, I could do that!" So I began sketching ideas to create my new line in which I had no idea that it would lead me here. This urge to create my own clothing line drove me to become self taught in various design and web softwares, leading to me opening my own graphic & web design company, Prospect Images. My thought was always "how am I going to accomplish this without the funds?" Then the idea came to me to start my designer t-shirt line 1st and then go from there. Well, there is something about seeking and you shall find the answers will pop up right before you.

Eight years later, 1 name change, a complete graphic design makeover and hear I am with my new clothing line "Adore Life". Adore Life reflects how I currently feel about life with all the lessons I've had to learn, some of them more then once. To me, there is nothing that serious that will happen in life that should take you to a point were you hate life itself. Everything is a lesson, including death, that makes you appreciate life even more. There are many of us that have been through so much in life, but still we choose to see the light and be the light to those around us, regardless of the obstacles we've faced. This clothing line is for those people who have faced something so detrimental, whether cancer, death, failure, broken families, abuse or just something they never thought they would ever overcome, but they did.

About the Contest: For this reason, to kick off the launch of their new website, they decided to host a contest for those women in the Atlanta area who've chosen to "adore Life" regardless of the obstacles they've faced. They look forward to the Atlanta community and businesses getting involved and actually giving towards a great purpose.

For more details, visit our website at www.adorelifekl.com or contact us at star@adorelifekl.com.

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