Wednesday, February 27, 2013

'She Blames Me' by Harvin and Meyer Eadon

Last week I had the pleasure of sitting down with the Lovely Harvin and Meyer Eadon from Big Rich Atlanta at my favorite hangout spot iwifresh. Visit the She Blames Me website for more news about the line and check out my interview below with the ladies.

What inspired the name 'She Blames Me'? 

Meyer: Around the time Harvin and I first moved moved to Atlanta, we visited one of our college friends who was bartending at a 5 Paces. We didn't know a single person in there except for the bartender. We were sitting at the bar with our backs to everyone and, literally out of nowhere, this girl pushed me out of my barstool. Obviously, I got mad. But Harvin was like, "Don't freak out. Don't freak out. Just buy her a shot." I was like, What?! But we ended up buying the girl a shot. Harvin gave it to her and said, "Don't ever be that jealous of someone ever again. It is not a good look. You are way to cute to act so stupid." Then, the girl started to cry. Harvin told me, "She totally blames you." That's where the name comes from. 

What can we expect from the She Blames Me line?

Harvin: We are launching our line with six simple jewelry pieces. She Blames Me originated as nothing more than a perspective. Which later grew into a collection. We design each piece from scratch and we name them after some critic/blamer/hater from our past and/or present. The inspiration behind our designs are to make statement pieces that make you feel proud, bold and standout.
Meyer rocking a piece from the She Blames Me Collection

And don't forget to catch all-new episodes of Big Rich Atlanta Wednesday at 8/7c on Style.

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