BET Host Sam Sarpong talks about hosting BET’s new show Madd Swag, personal style and more

by - Friday, March 01, 2013

Sam Sarpong is a host on BET's fashion show, Behind The Scenes All Access. He also just finished hosting the BET Awards Pre-show. During the awards he presented  the new category award called the "Best International Artist" award. Aside from this, Sarpong filmed a pilot with BET called "Underground", which should be released this year. Staying true to his Fashion success as the face of Tommy Hilfiger for over 8 years, Sarpong is now the spokesperson for KD Luxe Jewlery. He is also hosting, "Madd Swag", on BET. This summer Sam will be filming "Crossed The Line", an action thriller starring Ice T and Vanessa Williams. Whew alot right? Sam took time from his busy schedule to talk with me about his upcoming projects and so much more. Check it out below:

Arkeedah: Congratulations on hosting the BET Awards pre-show, how was that experience?

Sam: My experience hosting "BET Behind the Scenes" is always great but presenting on stage this year makes me feel like I've made it in the BET family.

Arkeedah: You're now hosting BET’s new show "Madd Swag" Can you tell us a little more about the show?

Sam: Madd Swag is a BET show that's all about fashion. So we interview celebs and we talk about what their wearing, their fashion style,designers that sorta of thing

Arkeedah: Now getting into your fashion background, I know you have been the face of Tommy Hilfiger for over 8 years, I wanted to know if you have any favorite designers?

Sam: My favorite designers right now are Shawn & Ruth from a Canadian company called Bustle. I've been doing their runway shows for Canada Fashion Week for awhile and they dress me for a lot of big events. I won"Best Dress" at the awards. The custom made Bustle suit I wore at the BET awards got so many compliments, even Miguel kept asking about it.

Arkeedah: How would you describe your personal style? 

Sam: My style is what I like to call UK vintage\ Rock Star.I mix so much vintage with high end brands. I love Gucci and KD Luxe Jewelry

Arkeedah: You are an Actor, TV Host, Model and Musician, what is something we may not know about you?

Sam: From 3rd grade to 12 grade I never missed a day of school- crazy right? I had never met anyone like that until I met a makeup artist who said she did the same. I didn't believe her so she called her mom to verify for me.

Arkeedah: What upcoming projects are you working on?

Sam: Currently I'm shooting "Crossed the line" with Ice T and Vanessa  Williams. This fall I'll be starring in "No Weapons" and "Trigger" and the "Average Dad" with Jamie Presley. Also my 'Back to School' Nike commercial campaign and my album "Lose my mind" will be out this fall.After this fall I'll be starring in a really cool horror film called"Angelz landing". I play a rap star. Then after that I'm doing a grimy/ gritty film called "Gutta Slut".

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