Saturday, March 28, 2015

Introducing Oscar & Frank Eyewear

One of the world’s newest and most intriguing eyewear brands, Oscar & Frank, has hit the European market with its debut range. The brand which is owned and run by a couple of entrepreneurial celebrity Dachshund’s (yes, Sausage dogs) originated in Australia in 2014.

The brand and the (inaugural) ‘Wurst’ range is built on the logic that the market always wants something different. As such, under the brand positioning and philosophy of ‘Seen Differently’ Oscar & Frank will only ever develop quality and styles that speak to the individuality of their market. Celebrating difference is easy for two dogs who compete in a business and fashion world normally reserved for humans. 
“In the world of fashion, we’re already different. When you have a unique street level perspective like us, you start to sniff out what people want and like in ways that the other companies that are run by actual humans, just can’t compete with. Our first range is the Wurst range...what other company can say that?”

The dogs spent six months developing their bold and confident Wurst range which includes names such as Weiss wurst, Bier wurst and of course Brat wurst using high quality classic black, coloured and speckled acetates. 

Affordability combined with superior quality is the key quality, with all styles retailing at 100 pounds, 140 euros or 150 US dollars. All frames are hand-crafted of high quality acetate and superior components.

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