At-Home Skincare Devices

by - Monday, January 25, 2016


It's time to brighten up your complexion and achieve firmer, clearer, younger-looking skin with devices that deliver the desired result at the convenience of your own home, no doctor appointment required!

Professional quality and super affordable, NEW Instrumental Beauty Sonic Touch Cleansing System instantly freshens and brightens complexion with the unique micro-pulsating action combined with stimulating silicone-cleansing points.  

“Cleansing tools like Instrumental Beauty Sonic Touch Cleansing System are a great way to add gentle exfoliation into your skincare routine.  They cleanse the skin better than cleansers alone which makes them particularly helpful for oily and acne prone skin types,” says expert Dr. Hadley King, Board Certified Dermatologist at SKINNEY MedSpa.

The dual silicone cleansing surfaces feature one side with fine cleansing points for extra gentle cleansing and the other side with broad cleansing points for deeper cleansing.  The massage action wakes up the skin, shakes off loose impurities and encourages healthy blood flow.  

SRP: $39.99

AVAILABILITY: Rite Aid stores nationwide

Diminish wrinkles and fight acne with Truth Vitality Lux Renew, the first FDA cleared and clinically tested anti-aging hand-held device for at-home use.  Unites Ultrasound and LED (Red and Blue) light technologies for firmer, clearer and younger-looking skin. 
Active properties include:

  • Ultrasound – benefits anti-aging by penetrating deeper below the surface of the skin (not just the top layers)
  • Blue LED light – Destroys Acne causing bacteria
  • Red LED lights – enhances the skin’s ability to generate new collagen, helping to reduce wrinkles, rosacea and broken veins

For superior ultrasonic and LED facial results, use Lux Renew with Truth Vitality Treatment Gel. The refreshing, light blue gel helps increase oxygen to the skin and facilitates ultrasound penetration The increase in oxygen enhances collagen production and hydration.. The gel can also be used alone as a rejuvenating anti-aging facial mask. 

Truth Vitality Lux Renew - $279.00
Truth Vitality Treatment Gel - $49.00

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