Top 10 Gifts For Men $200+

by - Saturday, December 03, 2016

 I’ve been told that guys get the short end of the stick when it comes to this holiday so check out a few of my top gifts for men that will help you think outside the tie box to find gifts as unique as your guy. From gadgets and beyond, shout out to the fellas at for the assistance.

1-3 years of dating/knowing
  1.  AFTER SHAVE BALM from Schulz & Malley -  $22  Click here to buy
  2.  Google Chromecast $35.00 Click here to buy
  3.  Beats Pill 2.0 Portable Speaker - Black $199.00 Click here to buy
  4. Bath & Body Works Midnight For Men $34.50 Click here to buy
  5.  Funky Socks at $14.99
3+ years dating/knowing
  1.  A pair of tickets to his favorite sports team
  2. Brooks Brothers Suit $599 Click here to buy
  3. Invest in his dreams/project:
    There is a quote which says "A man with dreams needs a woman with visions." It's important to encourage and motivate your man's dream or any projects he is working on. It's essential to let him know that you can be supportive at all stages of his life.  Push him to follow his dreams, help him with his business plan etc. SUPPORT causes nothing.
  4. Gun Range prices may vary
  5. Romantic Coupon books $6.99 Click here to buy

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