My Intown Salt Room Experience

by - Saturday, April 06, 2019

The Intown Salt Room offers two unique salt room experiences -- a Breathing Room and Meditation Room and on Friday April 5th I had a chance to experience both.
Dry salt is a natural healer and creates a sense of calmness. Breathing in a dry salt room can cleanse your airways and allow you to take in more oxygen for a deeper breath. In addition to respiratory benefits, dry salt can have a positive effect on skin and be naturally calming to help relieve stress, anxiety and fatigue. Since it's peak pollen season this is very beneficial.

The meditation room combines Himalayan salt with sound therapy to help you relax -- it comes equipped with a zero gravity Wave Loungers built with Acoustic Resonance Technology that provides a whole body sensory experience. I never fell asleep in a mediation session before it was that calming and relaxing. I will definitely be back soon. You should check them out its perfect for a self-care day or anytime you want to disconnect and recharge.

Intown Salt Room
563 Memorial Dr SE
Atlanta, GA 30312


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