5 Must-Visit Destinations With Your Girlfriends

by - Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Girly holidays are a necessity! Although you might think that you’ve already found the perfect destination — maybe it’s the place that you visit year after year. But, there is a host of cities and beaches out there that are ideal for a holiday with your best friends.


Keep it glamorous when you’re partying in Marbella. It’s like Ibiza in that you’re never far from a DJ set, but it’s often thought of as more refined. The locals enjoy going out in Marbella too and there’s an air of luxe surrounding the city.


Why not take to the waves on a private boat? There are plenty available to hire from the port for the full day — play music, take group pictures with a selfie frame and soak up the sun.

Just because you’re away with the girls, doesn’t mean that you can’t take in some culture. Head to Plaza de los Naranjos which is lined with open-air restaurants and is often host to street singers playing local tunes.


For a destination that stands out from the rest, visit Marrakech. Well-known for its rich culture and stunning palaces, there’s so much to do and explore when you’re here.


If you love to shop, you can spend hours in Marrakech exploring the goods in the souks — it’s unlike any shopping trip you would’ve had with the girls before.

Although the food from the market is amazing, head away from the main square and visit le Jardin. This restaurant is complete with indoor greenery, live music and serves Moroccan classics like tagines and authentic lamb dishes.

It doesn’t have to be only a city break either, take the bus to the seaside city of Essaouira. Scour the local shops and enjoy lunch in one of the quaint side streets.


Santorini is on a lot of people’s bucket list. It’s become more of a tourist destination in recent years and it’s clear to see why. The island is an ideal destination to go with your girlfriends, especially if you’re looking to chill out and soak up the Greek heat.


Are you and your girls partial to a glass of wine? The 18-wine tasting flight by Santo Winery could be for you. The winery is one of the top spots to watch the famous Santorini sunset too, an extra bonus.

Named the most stunning sunset in the world, the Santorini sunset is not to be missed. There are certain spots where it looks its best, so sit back and enjoy the views.


Fly further afield and hit the shores of Miami this year. Aside from endless beaches and art-deco inspired buildings, what else is there for you and your gal pals to do on the coast of south Florida?

If you love a pool party, there are many to choose from in this city.  Make sure to check if there are any events on at the National Hotel which is host to Miami’s longest infinity pool.

Visit Bayside Marketplace to do some shopping with your friends. Situated around the marinas at Biscayne Bay, this open-air mall is a great way to keep cool while trying on clothes and there’s often live music played from the main stage, too.

The Amalfi coast

Visit the stunning coastline of the Amalfi coast and relax with your friends. It’s a 50-kilometre stretch of land, best known for its pretty fishing villages and rugged coastline. It’s not so much a party destination but it’s still a nice place to soak up some sunshine with your good friends.


Did you know that each village is unique and has something different to offer? From the cathedral in Sorrento to the picturesque town of Positano — each place is unique. Try and visit a few of them, if you can, to make the most of coastal trip.

You must visit the main town of Amalfi too. It’s the busiest town if you’re looking for hustle and bustle and the restaurants here offer amazing Italian dishes that you’d struggle to enjoy anywhere else. Pack your evening dresses and go!

Of course, it all depends on what sort of thing you’re after but choosing a place that has a mixture of vibes and things to do is always a good idea! 

Image: MadamNoire

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