Mou Boots are the New Uggs

by - Friday, September 27, 2019

The Mou boots are the boots of the season and the hottest trend in boots this year. Though the Mou boot has been around for some years, it’s this year we are seeing them everywhere.

History of the Mou Boot

The Mou boot was founded by Shelley Tic borne in London in 2002. They have become a must-have fashion item and are in fact available in all major retail stores, even online. For example, you can also buy Mou Boots in the luxury fashion e-shop Luisaviaroma.

Characteristics of the Mou Boot

The Mou Boot is perfect for cold weather as they will help keep you warm (but not too warm!) and they are water resistant.

They are available for women, men, and children, though the boot is most popular with women and children.

The classic colors of the Mou Boot are gray and beige. However, you can also find them in other colors such as red, black, white and green as well as with decorations, such as glittering and sequins.

Mou Boots are made of natural fibers and with quality craftsmanship the boot is designed to last. The boots are handcrafted with materials such as natural leathers, sheep, goat or cow-hide skins that make the upper part of the boot, a soft and very warm wool, and quality rubber that protects the boot (and your foot!)

Though they do not come with a heel, you can choose between sneakers, slippers, an ankle Mou Boot, model ankle height, knee-high Mou Boot and more.
The popular styles are: Eskimo boots, Shearling boots and the mini Mou.

How to style Mou Boots

Mou Boots are a classic ‘cold weather comfortable’ boot that can go with almost anything. With so many styles to choose from, you can select a style based on your overall style preference as well as based off how you wish to incorporate them into your wardrobe and with your cold-weather wear.

You can incorporate the boots into your street style, perhaps even wear to them the office depending on your work setting, wear them out for a stroll in the cold weather, and take them on your cold weather holiday.

You can play around with styles and outfits so that the Mou boots help you share your own personal style.

Here are a few outfit ideas for inspiration:
·       Oversize ‘winter’, wool or knit dress, Mou Boots
·       Oversized sweater, black jeans, lace-up Mou Boots
·       Fitted sweater, trouser, Mou boots
·       Leather pants or leggings, fitted sweater, Mou Boots, wool coat

Do you like Mou Boots? Will you be trading your Uggs in for these? 

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