Tips for Toning Up

by - Friday, October 18, 2019

Physical fitness is what most people are chasing with the number of gym memberships increasing and new health clubs popping up on the daily. But what if I told you that you can get fit, without having to go hard on your diet or work out every single day? There are some habits and exercises that work wonders and don’t require you to reschedule your routine or be restrictive with your diet. Here is how to go about it.


Thanks to the internet and the many technological advancements being made, there are many ways to practice fitness and workout. A big thing right now is definitely HIIT, which stands for High Intensity Interval Training. This kind of workout is great for toning muscles and burning calories and will get you a killer after burn. The exercises are made up of circuits and entail exercises for the whole body, like these bicep exercises for example. The beauty of HIIT workouts is that they can easily be done anywhere at any time, even at home, at the beach or at the park.

Do multitask exercise

There is no better way to work out and still go about your routine that doing multitask exercises. Burning calories is all that people are talking about these days but it is hard to set aside time to work out and still go out and have fun. Kill two birds with one stone by engaging in exercises such as swimming which is a fun activity and at the same time is a great way to burn calories as well as build muscle.

Go for healthier carbs

When you are all about weight loss and toning up, there is the tendency of going for a low carb diet, which in return make you even hungrier and work against building muscle mass. Instead, of cutting out things from your diet, simply go for healthier carbs that are rich in fiber and therefor will make you feel full for a longer period of time. Foods such as whole-grain breakfast, sweet potatoes, chickpeas are perfect examples of healthy carbs.

Eat more of fruits and vegetables

One good thing with fruits is that they hardly add any fat to the body apart from a few which you can do without comfortably. Vitamins are very vital when it comes to weight loss and becoming fit and they are found in plenty in fruits. Spice it up a bit and add vegetables to your daily menu, and within no time, you will find yourself toning up without much struggle.

Do healthy fats

“Healthy fats” may seem much of an irony but it is something that actually exists in the field of nutrition. Some fats do better to the body in terms of fitness. Consider going for foods such as fatty fish, cheese, whole egg, chia seeds, avocado, nuts and many more.

Reduce alcohol intake

Instead of consuming alcohol which has absolutely no benefit for the body, consider going for a way cheaper, almost free option which is 100% good for you: water. Be sure you are hitting your daily water intake recommended by nutritionists and always be sure to drink after sports. Juices and smoothies are also wonderful, packed with vitamins and nutrients.

Walk more

Instead of taking a cab or the tram to work or from work, consider walking as a way of exercising. Set your alarm an hour or half an hour earlier than usual to give yourself time to walk to the office and get there on time. At malls, at your apartment or the office, go for the stairs instead and leave the elevator for those in so much hurry or those who have no awareness of their health and body fitness.

Avoid stress and depression

Happiness and peace of mind are priceless but comes at a very low price. Keep your stress levels in check all the time by engaging in activities that bring you happiness and being around people who put you at peace and smiling all the time. A stress-free heart and mind are ideal for body fitness and overall wellness.

Rather than doing it as a form of punishment, make working out a fun activity to incorporate into your daily life routine and that you look forward to every day rather than restricting yourself with diet and other unhealthy habits. This way, you are assured of remarkable results and motivation to stay on track. 

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