Michael B. Jordan Covers ESQUIRE Magazine

by - Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Michael B. Jordan
star of the gripping film, JUST MERCY graces the  cover of Esquire magazine’s Winter 2019 issue. Just Mercy was adapted from a memoir by Bryan Stevenson, a lawyer and social-justice advocate who has devoted his life to fighting for justice for people behind the walls. The film details the true quest of Stevenson—that’s Jordan—to free an Alabama man named Walter McMillian (Foxx, at the top of his game), who was wrongly convicted of murdering a teenage white girl.

Here's a snippet....

On what he learned from his parents: “My artistic side, my emotional side, my intuition, being an empath—I get that from her [his mother]. My discipline, my work ethic—I get that from my dad. So between the two of them, I got the right ingredients.”

On whether he’s ready to direct a film: “I’ve been learning since I was like twelve years old, being on set. Seeing what everybody does, all the departments. From the wardrobe stuff to the sound. I’ve always cared about what everybody needed. It’s kinda like a perfect perspective to have to be able to help run a set. I just love to collaborate. And empower people to do what they do best.”

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