SKIMS by Kim Kardashian West

by - Monday, January 20, 2020

So I was honestly on the fence about Kim Kardashian West SKIMS collection but now I'm interested mainly because of the body suit I saw and the great range of nude colors. Then I started to do some research -- Kardashian West said, Skims is unlike any brand that’s come before, both solutionwear- and Kardashian-wise. “I think all the other business I’ve had has led me up to that moment where I feel totally confident saying this is what we’re doing and...if you wear shapewear you will love this,” said Kardashian West

So the bodysuits officially drops tomorrow check them out here --> and I'm not ashamed to say that I signed up to be notified so I can cop one. The collection features underwear, bras, shorts, and bodysuits. Skims’s sizing runs from XXS to 4XL (with some additional pieces available in 5XL). It’ll also offer nine different options for nude shades.

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