Hot Handbag Trends for this Winter to Keep an Eye On

by - Tuesday, December 15, 2020


Handbags are forever. They are essential to any outfit not only style-wise, but also as a piece that is essential for everyday life to carry your things. Finding handbags that suit your style and compliment your looks is a must for every woman. Luckily whether you prefer a classic style or trendy style, there are plenty of options to choose fromFor this winter, here are a few hot bag trends to keep an eye on:


Chain details are in all around this year, from accessories to handbags. Bottega Veneta came out with a handbag that beautifully brought the chain detail to the handbag in true high fashion style. As a chunky strap for a soft handbag, your eye is immediately drawn to the chain detail here. You’ll see smaller chain details on other handbags, so whether you want a statement or a subtle add for this trend, you can pair a bit of edginess to your winter looks this way. If you’re looking to step up your game and maybe even buy one this Christmas,
you can find beautiful cross body handbags for ladies in stores like Mirta.

Leather totes

Leather totes have gone in and out of style, and this year they are certainly in. The tote is effortless chic and gives you plenty of space to carry your essentials around during the day. Now you’ll find different shapes and sizes for the leather totes, including circle totes.

Top handle bag

A top handle bag looks chic and is also a very practical bag to have in your collection. It is also easily one of the most popular trends this year. There are top handle bags with and without a longer strap so depending on how you intend to use it, you have the option there.

Croissant bag

We’ve seen many different shapes for our beloved handbags over the years.. and this year’s trend of the croissant bag just may be a favorite. Resembling the beloved croissant, this handbag has the subtle folds and shape of a croissant and switches up the standard handbag shape for some extra style. Bonus: it’s also soft against your hip and comfortable to wear.


Sure, classic colors and neutral handbags make for great investments. But for a trendy bag where you can really express your style and have some fun, the metallic trend is the one to go with. Metallics are the new neutrals this season.


Microbags were in last year, and this year they still are but in a bit of a different way. While you still have the option of wearing them on their own, they are now being seen as a small coin purse or attachment to a larger bag. This looks especially chic worn as a crossbody with a two-part handbag, as it cinches in your winter layers and draws attention to this fashion (and practical) piece.

Quilted textures

Why not add a bit of texture to your look with your handbag? Quilted textures perfectly compliment the winter season, adding softness to a season that often sees very streamlined high fashion looks.

These are just some of the handbag trends out there for this winter season, and whether you want to invest or just find a new trendy bag to add to your collection, this is the season to do it. With all the warm layers necessary for the winter season, your handbag is the accessory that will and should really stand out!

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