Friday, June 9, 2023

Become Your Baddest Self with THE GLOW UP JOURNAL


Ignite Main Character Energy into your life with The Glow Up Journal: Everything You Need to Set Goals, Create Inspo―and Make It Happen! by Danielle Richardson, OD [978-1507220399; $16.99; Adams Media; May 9, 2023], a new hardcover book that will help you discover your dream version of yourself and track your progress through your personal growth.

A glow up is a transformation—transforming from where you currently are to the ultimate version of yourself. In The Glow Up Journal, you’ll spend more time determining who this dream self is as you create a personalized bullet journal for your glow up journey and all your glow up goals.

From beauty and style to career goals, investing in yourself, and fitness, you’ll brainstorm what exactly you want to get out of your glow up. With fun prompts like Main Character Energy Daily, Mix n’ Match the Best Workout Routine, and more, you’ll romanticize the process of glowing up and get excited to meet all your goals. Then, you’ll track your progress with daily check-ins. Your glow up journey is on the way!

The inspiration for The Glow Up Journal came from Dr. Danielle’s own health struggles while in optometry school. She experienced stress-related illnesses that weren’t able to be treated or cured with medicine. “Eventually, one doctor recommended I try yoga to reduce my stress so I did. I ended up loving it and decided to take a month-long solo graduation trip to Bali to practice yoga and relax,” she says.

Excerpted from THE GLOW UP JOURNAL by DANIELLE RICHARDSON. Copyright © 2023 by Simon & Schuster, Inc. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.



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