Madewell x Fall 2019

by - Sunday, August 04, 2019

It's August and eventually we'll have to say goodbye to summer. Even though I severely dislike the shorter, darker days. But despite the twinge of disappointment that September's arrival inevitably brings, there are a couple of  things that I love about Fall --- Pumpkin Spiced Latte's and Fashion. So let's get into this Madewell's fall collection.

Inspired by the likes of '60s and '70s icons Ali McGraw, Jane Birkin and Annie Hall (a.k.a. Diane Keaton), the upcoming season's collection combines patterns and colors from the American Southwest with androgynous prep school styling and strategic layering for a fun and imaginative array of pieces destined to become cold-weather wardrobe staples.
The brand's Head of Design Joyce Lee's inspiration for the collection isn't exactly subtle. Straight out of Birkin's playbook, there are ultra-high rise, wide-leg cords, striped t-shirts and effortless floral sundresses. Ali McGraw's beloved sense of style comes forth in the form of mix-matching patterns and plaid blazers plucked straight out of Yale's back-to-school catalogue. As for Annie Hall, there's no shortage of stolen-from-your-boyfriend-dad oversized trousers, crisp button-downs and classic oxfords scattered in the mix.

As for accessories, you can expect to see everything from leather clogs and leopard print slides to striped socks and outfit-elevating hats. Basically, that long list of fall fashion must-haves that you've been adding to all summer can be marked off in one fell swoop thanks to Madewell's new collection.


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